Sunday, March 29, 2009

Walking Week

This past Wednesday Jessie took Pedro and I for a walk down to the bay where we live. Its a pretty long journey for Pedro so he gets carried about half way there and back. I get really tired too but I'm way to big to be carried so I have to talk the entire way. Once we got there Jessie let us off our leashes and we got to adventure on our own. (We know to be good and stay close.)

It's so pretty down here. Pedro and I just love it! It's probably my favorite place to walk to.

I immediately went running straight into the water to go for a little swim. Once I got in there was a small flock of geese started hollering and yelling. I wanted to play with them but the water they were swimming in was a little too deep so I stayed near the shore.

Once we got back I went to lay down on the pool cover to wash away all of the salty water. Pedro didn't have to because he didn't go swimming. I love laying on the pool cover or standing on the steps to cool off, even in the winter!

Time to shake off!

I also got to play a little tug of war with my favorite stuffed toy. Grrrrrr let me have it!

Once we were all done playing and running around (and Pedro was done leaving peemails) I went back inside to take a nap with my little brother. I'm not sure why humans call it a "cat nap" when dogs nap just as much as the cats around this house!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Ball

Today was just not fair...... Mom and Jessie went to PetCo and left Pedro and I HOME!!! Can you believe it?!? They went to PetCo and left us! Dad was gone all day too. He went to Sunday Dinner at my human Grandparents house. Doesn't he know I love pasta & gravy? (Spaghetti and red sauce). I just can't believe they would leave us all alone the entire day and go to two of my favorite places.
And then when they got home I was betrayed!
Pedro is playing with MY TENNIS BALL!! With MY GIRL!!!

I just couldn't believe it. I got so mad at Jessie for letting Pedro play with my tennis ball I pushed her right into the side table in the living room. I didn't hurt her of course, she just laughed when I pushed her, but I had to let her know that was MY ball and she can't play with Pedro using MY ball.


I think she got the message though, because she took me out in the backyard and we played fetch for a little while. Check out the Video! I'm such a good fetcher!
So maybe today wasn't that bad. I got to play some ball with my girl, and Mom bought Pedro and I a new bag of Beggin' Strips. But they better not try to leave us home next time they go to PetCo or out for Sunday Dinner. And Jessie better not use MY ball to play with Pedro again or I'll pin her against a wall so she can't!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Feelin' Beachy

Yesterday we had an absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Day! Pedro and I just lounged around in the backyard and soaked up the nice warm sun. When we woke up this morning.... well it was just as beautiful if not more beautiful then yesterday! Jessie and Mom must have had a touch of spring fever because the loaded Pedro and I up in the Tahoe and took us down to the beach!

Come on Pedro lets go!

I love to stick my head out the window when we go for rides.

Pedro likes to ride up front with Mom.

Pedro and I started reading and leaving peemails as soon as we got there.

I left a walking peemail. Mom and Jessie were cracking up!

Look at how beautiful it was!

We even me another doggie at the beach. Her mom let us play for a little bit. Pedro didn't like her that much though so Mom had to hold him. I don't remember her name but she was very fun to play with.

My favorite thing to do at the beach is chase these little quirky birds. Mom said they are called Piping Plovers. Jessie told me I was being a bad boy for chasing after them, but I think its so much fun.

It felt so great to lay down in the car once we were done walking.

Thanks Mom for driving us to the beach!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring & Love Are In The Air!

Spring is finally on the horizon! Our backyard has green little sprouts shooting up all over. Some flowers have even bloomed! They look so beautiful and I just love the way they smell.

Spring makes me so happy. I love to just sit out in the yard.

Pedro loves spring too.

I love to play bitey face with Pedro.

Or play with my toys. (Sometimes I don't want to share).

I love laying in my bed.

I love making silly faces in pictures.

But most of all I love this girl.

What are some of your favorite things to love?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Puppy Power!

Welcome back everyone! I'm glad to see you again. This past week Jessie and I have been debating on the posting situation. She's a busy college girl and I can't type with paws so we decided weekends, mainly Sunday's, are going to be our designated posting days. (heads up for any followers). Somehow Jessie managed to find some free time and was looking through some old stuff and guess what she found....


This first one is of me and my litter brother Smokey playing bitey face. Smokey was adopted by another member of my human family so we got to grow up together. He lives in Riverhead with my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Peter. I haven't seen him in a long time, but I got to see his parents a few weeks ago when our Dads took a vacation to Las Vegas. Smokey and I have another member of our litter family on Long Island named Dozer. I have never met him, but my Mom did once. He has one blue eye and one brown eye. I have a blue eye too, but there is only a smudge of different color. I'm not sure if Smokey does, I'll have to ask him next time I visit.

The second picture is of me and Libby. I'm about two months old and Libby is about five years old. This was long before she was attacked by the dog in our front yard and lost her hind leg. (Sometimes I wish I could have opened the front door to save her, but I don't have thumbs or a doggie door out to the front yard.) I look so little laying next to her! She is about the size of my head now (my parents call me a meathead), but I still know she's the Queen of our house and that I should not bother her.

The third picture is one of our old Christmas cards (or at least Jessie thinks so). I don't look so little but Leah and Jessie do! Look at those braces! Jessie isn't too sure about the year this picture was taken, but she thinks I still have a bit of a puppy face. I think I'm the best part about this photo, I'm such a handsome boy even as a young pup.

*Leah informed us this morning that this picture is from 2002, So I was about a year old!!! Definitely still a puppy. Leah's about 12 and Jessie is about 13!*

This last picture is of baby Pedro! This was his first Christmas with our family. He has his baby fur coat in the picture and believe it or not is even smaller then he is now! He looks like hes really enjoying that Beggin' Strip. Those are probably our favorite treats next to human food.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy trails!
Psst... Happy Friday the 13th!

Monday, March 9, 2009

My First Post!

Hey everyone!
Welcome to my first Dog's with Blog's post ever!
My name is Ziggy Marley, Ziggy or Zig for short.
I am an eight year old German Shepard, Huskey, and Golden Retriever mix. My Dad, Noodles, was a German Shepard and Huskey mix. He's where I get my handsome curly tail and my "blue" eye from. While my Mom, Sam, was a big ol' Golden. She's well... where I got my size from. I live on Long Island with my human family and a house full of animals. Some of you may already know me through my little brother Pedro the Chi. He is so famous for his blog, has so much fun, and has so many friends I figured it was worth a shot. My Human sister, Jessie, promised me that she would help me with my posting. Hopefully she does a good job! Well I can't wait to tell you all about my adventures!!!
Please visit me soon!!!!
Props to the lil' bro for inspiring my new blogging career.