Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my furry and human friends!

We got some more snow today! I can't wait to go out and play with Pedro! Stay warm and see you all next year!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finally Back To Blogging.... I Think?

Hey there everyone! So I think we are finally back to blogging. Jessie should have said that we were taking a break for awhile, but she didn't. I guess we are going to have a talk about finding some time to dedicate to my blog.....

Well, blogger has just been getting on Jessie's nerves allllll day long. She had just finished a nice long post about everything that has been going on since we have been gone.... and then it somehow all got deleted and the stupid blogger auto saved and the entire post is long gone..... So we're just going to start from today and as the week goes on Jessie will try to recover the memories and post about them.

I hope you have all had a chance to visit my brother Pedro's blog and meet our newest family member. Just before Leah went back to school Mom found a little critter who just stole her heart. He gave us quite a scare in the beginning with some health issues but little Natty Do is just the happiest little guy on earth as of now. His favorite place to sleep.... is with me. More often than not I'm pushed out of my bed cause this little guy just wants to snuggle, and I just want to sleep! Silly kitten.

As far as today.... Pedro woke Dad up bright and early to go outside to pee and when we got to the door.... SNOW!!! And not just a few puny flurries but 20 sparkling frosty inches! I absolutely love the snow, Pedro not so much.... It was the first time Natty has even seen snow and he wasn't quite to sure what to make of it. Dad spent the entire morning digging us out of the frozen snowy prison.

Woooh that's a lot of snow!

Mmmm I love snow, just not the yellow kind.

Can we go inside pleaseeeee?

Can you find three cars in this picture?
(Leah's jeep, Jessie's celia, and Mom's mini.)

Well I hope you are all staying nice and warm! As for me, I'm about to go make an igloo to snooze in while everyone else keeps cozy in the house. Jessie promises to try and catch up on everyone's blog as soon as she can! Stay tuned!
Happy belated Hanukkah for those who celebrate!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Paw It Forward!

Hey there everyone! You will never guess what I got in the mail the other day.

My very first package! And from none other than my best cousins Rambo and Molly! I was so excited to having received my very first package I nearly ripped the package open myself! Mom wound up having to help me create a hole but afterwards I pulled everything out by myself! Just check out the neat video!

Nom Nom Nom!

Inside the package was a letter from Rambo and Molly, a cute blue dog stuffie, a rope toy, a realistic looking hotdog, and some yummy yummy treats!

Thanks so much Cousins! I love my gift so much!!!!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pony Rides

Hey there again everyone! Jessie found some time to help me with another post! Hopefully we are getting back to some sort of schedule.

Since my last post the baby birds at the park have seemed to disappeared. Jessie thinks they probably left the nest late at night or very early in the morning. She was very happy to be able to get a picture or two before they jumped ship... er nest.

We had some more visitors at my dog house before Chrissy and Daniel left, but this time, Pedro wasn't to up for playing nice. Mom's nephew Paul and his wife and children came over for a bbq Friday night. I have always loved meeting new humans, especially ones that like to play. But Pedro is a different story. He did not like Mom's nephew and his son one bit. I'm not too sure why, maybe he was just a little sleepy and cranky, but Paul and Colten couldn't go near Pedro!

I on the other hand, couldn't care less about the little guy playing with my toys or running around my yard. At one point Colten even decided to play dress up with me and I gave him a sort-of pony ride! Jessie and Mom said that I was a total mush. I'm not sure what that means, but I know as long as I was doing it, Colten was feeding me yummy treats!

What do you think of my fabulous flip flops?

In the second photo you can see a bit of Jessies bandaged up foot. She wants to let you all know that it is feeling MUCH better! Thank you for all of your concerns!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bruised, Babies and Visitors

Hello again everyone! It's been almost two weeks since I've been able to do a little blogging, and I do have to say I miss you all so much. A lot has been going on, and Jessie apologized for a lack in photographic documentation, but she has been a busy girl.

The past holiday weekend (Psst: Happy Late Independence Day!) the park was full with campers and hikers so Jessie didn't have a moments peace. Then Tuesday afternoon Jessie tried to fly down a flight of stairs and busted her foot up pretty bad. She didn't actually tried to fly, but slipped down the last four steps and twisted her foot. She went to the doctor and got x-rays. Luckily nothing is broken, but the swelling and bruising still hasn't gone down. She says she will be fine in a couple of days but if she doesn't get better Pedro and I will have to pull her around on a sled or something so we can still go for walks!

For the 4th of July, Jessie went down to the beach she used to work at a few years ago to watch fireworks. It looks like a pretty place, but is not dog friendly. Hmph... While there Jessie had to call Parks Police to rescue a drunk guy from drowning in the bay! Apparently he had a little too much to drink while celebrating the holiday and couldn't get himself out of the 2ft deep water he was swimming in. Once the Police got him out, he wound up hitting his head on a hand blow dryer in the bathroom while trying to blow dry his hair. He was taken to the hospital and bandaged all up. But Jessie wound up missing all of the fireworks! At least she got a nice picture of the sunset for me to share with you all!

In other news... This past week two of Mom's human relatives have been spending some time with us. Mom's niece Chrissy and her husband Daniel came all the way from Texas to visit us! They are pretty nice humans and came to spend their anniversary on Long Island. Even Pedro doesn't mind having them in the house too much.
About a week or so ago Leah's boyfriend Moe was out to visit us as well. He's from PA and goes to school with Leah in West Virginia. He was a nice human too, and again Pedro didn't mind him much.

Jessie's boyfriend from NC is still out visiting this summer. Like everyone else he has to go home pretty soon, and I know Jessie is going to miss him, but then I'll have my girl all to myself again. Jessie and Brian took Pedro and I for a walk the other night and it was really nice. I met a black lab down my the water and we got to sniff each other out for a bit. Pedro didn't like him too much, and when Brian went to pick him up he tried to bite back. I know he didn't mean it, and that Pedro likes Brian, but now Brian is calling him the Devil Dog. Jessie laughed and said something about Pedro not being a pastry. I'm not quite sure what they mean, but I know my little brother is no Devil.
Jessie never got around to taking me to the park. But she did get a snap shot of the baby birds. They still have a little growing to do before they leave the nest, and Jessie is hoping to be around for it. In the picture you can see four little babies, but there might be five. We're not too sure.

Well I hope to be back to a normal blogging schedule pretty soon. I'll try my best to getting around to every ones blogs. I'm sorry again I haven't been around much. Hope to hear from you all soon!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I've Been Betrayed... Sort Of.

Hello again all. Long time no chat. Jessie is STILL being a work-a-holic and I just can't bring myself to replace her. Good help is hard to find these days as I'm sure much of you know. So Jessie and I are taking my blog one step at a time when we have the chance.
Since my last post, Jessie has found several other turtles in her backyard. Shes beginning to think its become some sort of stopping ground for them. Photographing Mama sparrow at her job is proving to be one of the greatest challenges Jessie has yet to face with my blog. This little lady comes to the park every season apparently and uses the same nest to raise her babies. She's grown a little skittish of people because her nest is directly over the door to the office. So when ever she sees Jessie, Mama sparrow takes to flight. She's also taught her babies well, and as soon as their mother leaves they tuck themselves deep in the nest to stay out of view.

I do forgive my girl for not being able to help me with my blogging at my every wish... but when I found out that she had puppysit this past week.... I just couldn't believe my fluffy ears. Mulligan, a friend of the family's little 6th month old puppy, got to spend some quality time with my girl. His Mom was going to be away from her house for a few hours the other day, so Jessie offered to watch the little guy for her. What nerve?!? She can't find time to come over and walk Pedro and I but she can spend time with this little furball? Hmmmm.... well Dad did say something about Jessie being over here Friday, and the little guy is kinda cute. There are also rumors going around about a special someones birthday! Please stayed tuned to help us celebrate! At least my girl isn't replacing me, she's just offering some help to a fellow dog lover.

I just want to take a quick minute and thank all of you followers who have stood by my bloggie. You are all very dear friends and I appreciate your blogging dedication.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two Minutes To Spare

Hi all... I'm not going to be able to talk long. Jessie is busy... again.... But I've got two minutes just to say that I hope everyone is doing well! It's been raining a lot here latley so Jessie still hasn't taken Pedro and I to the park, but were keeping our paws crossed for some sunny weather. I tried to visit everyones blogs today and I'm so sorry if I missed anyone! I'll try to have my secretary keep up with my blogging as much as possible. Good news is that Mom, Leah, and Dad are all home! For good I hope too! All we need is Jessie to get over here and everything will be perfect. Hope you all enjoy the remaining week and maybe I'll see you this weekend!

On more of a quick blogging note. Jessie had been up to a little something interesting while at work. She's been on a constant bird watch. Turns out a momma sparrow has decided to make a nest up in the rafters of the office Jessie works in! She's been able to hear some peeping, but hasn't had much of a photoshoot opportunity. Hopefully she can snag a quick pic of the cute baby birds.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One In & One Out

Mom and Leah are finally back from their trip to Texas and visiting Rambo & Molly's G-parents! Pedro and I couldn't be happier to have them back. But now Dad is leaving! He's going to New Jersey to watch a bunch of really fast cars race each other down a long straight road. Jessie is still being a work-a-holic.... but luckily she found time to come visit me at the house today! While she was there she said something about taking me on a walk to the place where she is always stuck at work. She works at a campground that has nice hiking trails, so maybe we can get some nice nature pics up for everyone to look at!

Today at the other house Jessie lives out she found a little box turtle in the back yard! Poor little fella looks pretty scared. She relocated him away from the cats that live at the house and away from the raccoon nests in the woods.

See you all soon! I'll try to visit everyone as soon as possible!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Who's Yer Daddy?

Today was a very special day. Not only did Mom and Leah arrive safely in Vegas (hopefully to see Rambo's g-mom and g-pop!), but Jessie graduated from college with her associates degree... and its Dad's Birthday!

Although Dad wasn't home most of the day because he was watching Jessie at the college, but when he got home we shared a nice big delicious banana split! Mmmmm ice cream! Of course Pedro and I let Jessie and Dad eat their fill before we polished it off, but it sure was good! Afterwards Dad relaxed for a bit on the couch watching some fishing shows before a boys night out.

Hahahah! Out as in asleep that is! I woke up when I heard Jessies camera turn on. I'm not being caught sleeping! Happy Birthday Dad! How cool are these cakes?!?!?!?

In other news, Jessie felt compelled to dig out my old bandanna and make me wear it around the house today. She thinks it looks good on me when I'm all shaved down in my summer do. Hopefully we will be able to get some pics from mom and make a post about that when she gets home. For some reason when I wear the stupid thing I have a very short attention span. Jessie was having a hard time snagging me with the flashy beast. She whipped out some treats hoping to grab my attention but I just got even more excited.

She grabbed one good shot mid bark! Grrrrrr... look at my scary teeth!

Nah Nah! Can't get me!

Ziggy Marley... singing out... have a good week bloggers! I'll see you soon!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Help Wanted!

(I'm thinking of hiring a new/another secretary to help me with my blog!)

Position: Blog Secretary
Requirements: To help me with my blog whenever needed. Must enjoy long walks on the beach, playing fetch with tennis balls, giving belly rubs, and giving out treats.

Hello again everyone. I'm finally back to blogging now that Jessie has reappeared. She left for almost two weeks and couldn't help me with my bloggie. And do you know where she went? TO WORK! Hmph.... I hate when my humans have to go to work. It means that Pedro and I have to sit at home all alone. Jessie is all finished with school for the summer so now she doesn't come home to visit Pedro and I anymore during the week. Leah came home a week or two ago and I was hoping she would be home with us but she has to work too! What is with these humans and work!?!?

Oh well, at least she found some time this week to help me out. Everyday can't be a blogging day. At least some good things have happened since my last post! Like I said before... Leah is home! Everyone was so happy to see her again. She was gone away at school for so long. It is very nice to have her back in the house and be able to spend some time with her before she goes back to school. Pedro is very happy to have her back.

Jessie's boyfriend Brian is back to visit for the summer as well. He lives in North Carolina with his family now (he used to live here on Long Island) and visits every summer. I'm sure Jessie has been spending plenty of time with him and that's another reason why she hasn't been able to help me with my posting. Brian is okay, I don't mind his as much as Pedro does, plus he has a dog of his own down in NC. His name is Buddy and he's a handsome mutt like me!

Mom finally decided to give me a buzz so now I'm sporting around my summer do. Jessie wasn't there to help out in the process but she thinks Mom did a great job and I look very handsome. Everyone was saying that I don't look as big without all of my fur. At least I won't get so hot in the heat. Although the water from the pool does feels a lot colder without all of my fur to soak it up.

One of my good friends and very dedicated blogger Joey gave me another award! Rules are that you have to list seven things you love to do and seven of your favorite blogs! Joey thank you so much! Jessie is very sorry for not posting about it sooner! You sure are a great blogger buddy.

Here are my seven favorite things to do...

1. Play with Pedro
2. Play with my toys
3. Go for walks
4. Run on the beach with out a leash
5. Riding in the car
6. Eating yummy treats
7. Giving kisses to my family

Here are my seven favorite bloggies to visit! And you all get the award!
2. Joey
6. JB

Well I hope everyone enjoys the weekend. Jessie is going to try and keep up with my posting requests. Hopefully she keeps her promise or Pedro and I will have to make up some real help wanted signs... Mom and Leah are going away to Texas and the Grand Canyon, and Jessie has her college graduation for her associates degree. Hopefully the weather clears up and all three of my girls enjoy their weekends. I know Dad, Pedro, and I will be enjoying some pool lounging time if its sunny out. P.S. - Happy Late Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Great Escape

The rain has finally decided to take a break over at our doghouse.... and you know what that means! Walks! Pedro and I finally got to get out of the house and go patrol our neighborhood after a long week of being cooped up.

Lets go! Lets go!

Jessie hooked up my leash and put Pedro in the backpack and we headed off. Then as soon as we had gotten out to the road Jessie turned and gasped. Pedro had decided to make a break for it and jumped right out of the backpack! Jessie couldn't believe that Pedro would even attempt to jump out of the backpack and fall about four feet to the ground. When she turned around to see if he was okay Pedro let out a little huff like he was trying to say "I'm not a baby, and I don't need to be carried in a stupid backpack". We quickly ran back into the house to ditch the backpack and grab Pedro's leash. At this point I started huffing.... I wanted to go for a walk! Not chase down backpack fleeing Chihuahua's. When we finally did start to walk Jessie wound up carrying Pedro most of the way! Silly little Chihuahua.

Once we got back Pedro and I were worn out! Luckily he wasn't hurt from his attempted escape and went to check the yard, bark at the neighbors, and remark "his" territroy. I only had two things on my mind. To cool off on the pool cover....

And take a nap! Ahhhh, this is the life.

I hope everyone has a happy Tuesday! Enjoy the rest of the week!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

A mother is a friend, a buddy, a pal.

A mother is a person not afraid to get dirty or throw a ball.

A mother is an angel, a gift from above.

A mother is a person who is caring and full and love.

A mother is someone who shines from within.

A mother can be both strong and delicate.

To me my mother is all of the above.

Someone who I could never give enough love.

To all of the mothers out there I just want to say.

I hope you have a very loving Mothers Day.

This is a picture of my mom and I on our very first christmas together. Unfortunatley mom's head was cut off when the picture was taken. But that doesn't make my memory of it any less special. Thank you for all you've taught me over the years mom! I love you with all of my heart!

Friday, May 8, 2009

More Rain....

So its still raining here at my dog house.... Now, I don't mind if it rains too much, because I know it will eventually end. But THUNDER?!?!?!? I am terrified of thunder. Mom, Jessie, and Dad aren't quite sure why I started to become scared of thunder (I never was as a puppy) and I'm not about to pour my secret. Jessie and Dad think I was out in the yard and a big thunder or maybe lightning bolt scared me.... maybe? I'm not telling. Dad was making fun of me because I was so scared. He even called me a "pansie"!

Go outside? In this weather? Are you kidding me?

Jessie kept trying to get a lightning bolt or a big crack of thunder caught on tape, but mother nature was just not cooperating with her and the flashy thing. I don't blame mother nature, some days I can't stand the flashy thing. All she got was the pounding rain.... close the door I'm getting wet!

The weirdest thing about this crazy weather, was as soon as it came, it was gone. Jessie left for class in the worst part of the rain, and when she got to her college ( about a 7 minute drive) the sun was poking through the clouds! I hope mother nature is feeling okay because this has been one crazy week.