Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I've Been Betrayed... Sort Of.

Hello again all. Long time no chat. Jessie is STILL being a work-a-holic and I just can't bring myself to replace her. Good help is hard to find these days as I'm sure much of you know. So Jessie and I are taking my blog one step at a time when we have the chance.
Since my last post, Jessie has found several other turtles in her backyard. Shes beginning to think its become some sort of stopping ground for them. Photographing Mama sparrow at her job is proving to be one of the greatest challenges Jessie has yet to face with my blog. This little lady comes to the park every season apparently and uses the same nest to raise her babies. She's grown a little skittish of people because her nest is directly over the door to the office. So when ever she sees Jessie, Mama sparrow takes to flight. She's also taught her babies well, and as soon as their mother leaves they tuck themselves deep in the nest to stay out of view.

I do forgive my girl for not being able to help me with my blogging at my every wish... but when I found out that she had puppysit this past week.... I just couldn't believe my fluffy ears. Mulligan, a friend of the family's little 6th month old puppy, got to spend some quality time with my girl. His Mom was going to be away from her house for a few hours the other day, so Jessie offered to watch the little guy for her. What nerve?!? She can't find time to come over and walk Pedro and I but she can spend time with this little furball? Hmmmm.... well Dad did say something about Jessie being over here Friday, and the little guy is kinda cute. There are also rumors going around about a special someones birthday! Please stayed tuned to help us celebrate! At least my girl isn't replacing me, she's just offering some help to a fellow dog lover.

I just want to take a quick minute and thank all of you followers who have stood by my bloggie. You are all very dear friends and I appreciate your blogging dedication.


Pedro said...


You better tell Jessie not to bring that cute little pup over on Friday cause I will bite him! No one steals my attention, no way, no how! You're too nice. I know you'd make friends with the furry little thing and forget all about me. We're having some company this weekend. Some boy from Pennsylvania that likes Leah. I'm gonna have to give him my seal of approval or disapproval. I ignore him if I like him and bite him if I don't...


JB's Big World said...

Jesse was cheating on you with that little pup? The nerve!
WEll, ok he is kinda cute....but not as handsome as you!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Ziggy!
don't be mad at Jessie. She was helping a friend taking care of that little pup!
I am sure she will find the time for you!
Kisses and hugs

Bijou said...

Hi Ziggy,

That pup is kinda cute. But not nearly as sweet and handsome as you. Jessie would never trade him for you!

Wags & wiggles,

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I understand the help thing!

My GooglieReaderieThingie had almost 200 posts at times this week...Mom was all khaught up and worked up over helping Laska...

We are slowly working on 'em!

Good lukhk!

Maybe woo and Pedro should just hijakhk the 'puters!


Moco said...

I feel for you Ziggy. The crazy old bat is not very good about keeping up my blog either. Hang in there.

Jackson and Patrick said...

That puppy is stinking cute! But not as much as you!