Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Power of Words

As I've been searching my memories I have found it simply amazing how one little word or phrase can have so much power and create such a reaction in another living thing. Ziggy had a few favorite words which he knew meant that something special was going to happen when he heard them. Each time we said one he would jump up, start panting, and wag his curly tail uncontrolably. Here's just a few of those words, which I'm very certain that many of you share with your own beloved's.

Get your duck
Who's here
What's that

And just like with Ziggy's nicknames.... the list goes on. These words were not tricks (maybe "bath" and "get your duck" were) but they were still so special to Ziggy and I. Even some sounds were just enough to spark the enthuastic respond in Ziggy. The crinkle of a potato chip bag, the jingle of his collar, a creek in the floor coming from your room in the morning...

I wish I had one more chance to see the excitement in your eyes when we were going for a walk Boog.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Ziggy Marley

That was his full name. But it was a very rare name you ever heard one of us using while talking to him. It was more of a name you would hear when a mother or father was upset with their child and calls their child by their first and middle name to give them a warning they were unhappy.

Although it has only been a day I have been constantly searching my mind for memories of Ziggy. In none of them did I ever call him by his full name. He never needed to be yelled at or given a second warning. He always knew the right thing to do, and although he may have put up a big of a playful struggle he would always come around just to please anyone who would give him love and attention.

One thing I have found while searching is that Ziggy had a ton of nicknames:

Zig Zag
Old Man

And the list just goes on and on.... and although he may have been called so many different things, he always answered you. Simply because he knew you were talking to him. Simply because all he wanted was to please you. Simply because he wanted to show you that he loved you and was listening.

I miss you so much Boog, and I know you still listen when I call your name.

I think the thing I'm missing most is the sound of your nose hitting my door in the morning, telling me it's time to get up and play.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rainbow Bridge

In the end it turned out that Ziggy's big loving heart just wasn't big enough to keep him here on earth. He's passed over the Rainbow Bridge. I'm at a loss of words for now.....

We miss you and love you boy, more than words will ever explain.

Hoping for the Best.

Hello everyone, this is Jessie.
If you have been over to Pedro's blog I'm sure you know that Ziggy has not been in the best condition this past week. As of right now we are waiting on more news about his health and hoping for some good news. I don't want to say much because even still we are not one hundred percent sure what is making our poor beloved boy so dreadfully sick.
We are just hoping for a miracle that will make him better.
As time progresses I will try to keep you all updated.
Thank you for all of your prayers and hopes for Ziggy.
We know he hears them and is fighting.

These are just a few of my favorite pictures of Ziggy.

Just a small update.... If things do take a turn for the worst I have already decided that Ziggy's blog will always remain. I may still post every so often as a way to cope with the loss. Things like poems and memories and just a space to reflect on my wonderful loving boy.

Thank you again for all of your prayers.